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Tomorrows game - 2:10pm @ Armstrong
by posted 09/24/2021

Hey folks, tomorrow's game is at 2:10pm at Armstrong against Quincy.  Lets do the same thing as last week and reduce our time in small spaces together and show up dressed, or nearly dressed, or just a handful of us get totally dressed in the locker room.  At 1:55pm let's have everyone in the locker room and totally ready to go for coach talk and walk out. 

Tonight I recieved an email from the League to inform us that more referees have quit.  There was already a shortage.  This won't affect our game tomorrow, but there will be SSC games on Sunday that may not have a ref assigned.  That said, the League reminds us (coaches, players and fans) to go easy on the refs and ensure no more quit so our kids can enjoy the best hockey experience possible.  

See you at the rink!  (remember to bring BOTH jerseys!)

Coach Mike



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Update for today's game -
by posted 09/18/2021

Hey folks, a couple days ago the Covid protocol for youth hockey changed.  According to the PYH BOD it gives us more lattitude to determine who may be at risk of exposure when the team has a positive case.  This centers mainly on players being in a confined space together for 15 minutes or more.  (I will have more details and a reference soon, at this time this is all I have been told).  That said, we should attempt to be in the locker room together for less than 15 minutes.  So lets continue to spread out and come dressed or finish dressing along the bleachers, etc.  Then, with 15 mins before game time, each player should be in the locker room, ready to go for coach-talk and the walk out. 

Also, please do not forget to bring BOTH game jerseys, along with your neck and mouth guard.  

 Puck drop is at 5:40pm. See you at the rink this afternoon! 

Coach Mike


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Game Saturday - 5:40pm, Armstrong
by posted 09/16/2021

Hey folks, just a couple of reminders.  We play at home this Saturday at Armstrong at 5:40pm against Pembroke.  Ideally we continue as we have been and some of us arrive already dressed and head to the locker room for lace-up and game talk.  Parents, please tie your player's skates quickly and head to the stands. 

Just a couple of reminders.  Please make sure your player's equipment is game ready.  This means, skates are sharpened and everything is ready.  A word about skate sharpening:  If you typically make the trek to Pure Hockey for sharpening, I recommend turning right instead of left and having the skates sharpened at The Bog pro shop, as they do a much better job there.  Also, please make sure your skater has a mouth guard and neck guard.  These are required by the SSC and the refs are watching for it.  

Things to talk about with your player leading up to the game: 

Defense, NEVER NEVER NEVER play the puck across the "red zone" (the area in front of our net).  When carrying the puck out of our zone we work it up the boards or cross it behind our net.  Just get it to the blue line, gain the red line, then PASS-SHOOT-DUMP the puck.  The question I like to ask the kids is "how far are you allowed to carry the puck?"  Answer: "as far as you can until you're attacked!".  I love to see an Offensive-minded defenseman carry the puck!  (the on-side winger will "cover D") when this happens.

Play aggressive!  We expect stick-lifts on D and STRONG stick on O.

Offsides:  Remind your player, especially if they are a first year Squirt, that they must pay attention to where the puck is and NOT cross the blue line until the puck does.  

Get pucks to the NET!  Once we get down their end, bombard the goalie!  

Have a great Friday!  See you Sunday.

Coach Mike





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Buy Tickets ASAP - Our game and Providence Bruins
by posted 09/14/2021

Hey folks, just a reminder that you must purchase your tickets ASAP for our league game and the Providence Bruins game on October 16th.  The purchase deadline for ensuring our group all sits together was last friday, Sept 10th.  If you haven't bought the tickets yet please do so as soon as you can.  As a reminder, this is ALSO a league game for us.  We play at 2pm, then our tickets are valid to come back to watch the P Bruins play at 7pm.  When you click the link, you will be able to select the following:  

PRICE: $26 per person. Buy as many as you want.

TICKET TYPE:  Plymouth U10 A Re


I will paste the link and details again below:  

Plymouth U10 A Re Night with the P-Bruins
Saturday, Oct. 16th
You are invited to join us at the Dunkin Donuts Center for a full night of hockey with the Plymouth U10A Re play a league game before the Providence Bruins take on the Bridgeport Islanders on Opening Night!
Be there for the Providence Bruins return to the Dunk and a special double banner raising ceremony to commemorate our back-to-back Division Titles!
Saturday, October 16th, P-Bruins vs. Bridgeport Islanders at 7:05 pm
2:10 pm League Game vs. Barnstable U10 A Re, Arrive at 1:40 pm
Here are all of the details:
  • Watch Plymouth Squirt A Play a full-hour league game before the P-Bruins!
  • Great Seats at a special discounted rate!
  • Hats included for all kids attending
  • Special recognition on the Jumbotron during the game
  • In order to participate all tickets must be purchased directly through the group link below
  • All skaters, friends, family members will need a ticket to enter the building
Please order your tickets by Friday, September 10th to guarantee seats in the group with the special offer price of just $26 per person! 
This event is open to all friends, family, and supporters of the Plymouth Youth Hockey! Please feel free to share with others and post the link for tickets on social media!

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